Many of you will have seen the media coverage recently which reported that ministers have rejected a proposal from MPs to introduce "menopause leave" pilots in England, arguing it could be "counterproductive." Also dismissed was a recommendation to make menopause a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. The suggestions came from the Women and Equalities Committee, which accused ministers of making "glacial progress" on menopause support. 


All aspects of the highly topical subject of how to manage the impact of the menopause in the workplace will be covered in this breakfast seminar that we are running in close collaboration with Medwyn Occupational Health.


A 2021 survey found that one in five menopausal women passed on the chance of a promotion that they would have otherwise considered, 19 per cent reduced their working hours. With 6 in 10 women saying their menopause symptoms have a negative impact on their work, it is vital for organisations to support employees through every stage of menopause.  


In another recent Acas survey, it was reported that a third of employers do not feel well equipped to support women going through the menopause. The session will provide you with advice on:


  • Recognising the symptoms of menopause
  • Medical management of the menopause
  • Why every employer should to be menopause friendly
  • How menopause could affect your employees in their role
  • The role of occupational health in supporting your employees
  • Understanding your responsibilities as an employer 
  • Case studies
  • Creating a menopause action plan
  • Accredited Menopause Friendly workplaces
  • Legal aspects


The seminar will be presented by two of Medwyn Occupational Health’s doctors - Dr Stewart Tomlinson, Medical Director at Medwyn Occupational Health and Dr Louise Tomei. Lorraine Sherrard will be taking you though the HR areas that you should consider and Harry Sherrard will cover all legal aspects.

Thursday 20th July, 09:00 - 11:30 at The RAC, Pall Mall, London

  • £144.00

    £120 + VAT per delegate. Payment accepted via UK issued credit or debit cards only. Otherwise, please contact us to arrange an invoice.

    Book now - 20th July